Happy 2014!

new fire

While making no resolutions I do have a list to work through. The ever-growing bucket list! Take 2 items off the list, and put 20 more on…

Meanwhile, 2013 was a good year, I have managed to scrape a few things of the buckets list.

2013 Bucket list top 10                                                                             2014 Bucket list top 10

  1. kayak in a river                                                                       1. Learn conversational French
  2. learn to snowboard                                                             2. Kiss under the Eiffel Tower
  3. participate in a color run                                                  3. Donate blood
  4. iceskate on real ice                                                              4. Go rock climbing
  5. roadtrip USA                                                                           5. Fire a gun
  6. hike to a waterfall                                                                6. Learn to windsurf
  7. visit the Golden Gate Bridge                                          7. Drive a stick shift
  8. go scuba diving                                                                     8. Conquer fear of open water
  9. jump off a cliff                                                                        9. Participate in a triathlon
  10. solve that damned Rubik’s Cube                              10. Get married

Now that’s another 10 items off the 200+bucket list…So let’s get this show going. First stop tomorrow is the beach, I gotta work on my tan, spending winter 2013 in -25˚Celsius will turn you white, bleak and pale all in one trip. Beach days are also good for number 8 and 9 on the list.

Bueno, that’s that for the first post. ¡Hasta la proxima!


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