Flashback Restday…

It’s days like these that I miss the winter… and the excitement of the slopes and new sports…



I woke up feeling guilty… like my day will mean nothing… yes I know rest day is vital. Repeat: VITAL! But the feeling does not go away…

Drop the kids off at school. Breakfast! Change! Off to work! Pick kids up! Back to work!

Job done…Go home… and now… what do I do with that extra time I have in my day today… Let’s do some housework chores…nahhhh maybe not… Overdue paperwork… nah…

Nothing feels right….ohhh it’s the guilt speaking again… it kills me…

I want to go out there and do some running… I love my progress, I am even amazed proud of it, of myself.


How do you cope with rest days? Will it get better?


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