A little courage is needed!

Week 4 of running is going awesome!

I like myself…the amount of self-love is a bit nauseating, I am awesome! Slowly and steadily adding distance to my runs, it feels like a piece of cake, sometimes more like a slap in the face… a death wish… but then when it’s al over, I’m revived, and ready for the next training session…

What I am struggling with though, is to find the courage to get back on the bike… The road, my enemy, my archenemy scares me… OK, not much so the road, as the amount of hills, the abusive wind, the scorching sun and the traffic 😦

All elements I find to tell myself that it’s ok to not start biking yet… yes I know, “what a sissy, coward, (enter other names here)… and my favorite…the excuse bucket! Yes, I have been called that too… I know that one day, soon, I will start, one mile at the time, maybe 2, 3, more like 5…but I will start… I just need to find the courage to do so…

I used to mountain bike a lot a few years back, that was easy, nothing to worry about, no roads, no cars, nothing… just me, my bike, the trail… and my in-house support system…I can still remember the trill and excitement of being out and about on the trails… All the excuses, such as wind, sun, water, mud and hills were only small obstacles to be conquered… it was all about the joy…

Maybe it’s time to hop on the bike and go out for an adventure, maybe the love will return…

…and the courage to take on the road will follow….


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