The verdict, doctor’s orders…

As I am reaching the end of my first training schedule, I feel happy and confident that I have made it, this far without quitting. I am a quitter, I love to leave thing unfinished… That sewing project, is still waiting. My career as an artist, is still waiting on that portfolio… let’s not talk about that college degree, which is missing only my thesis, the biggest and hardest part. But this I am confident I can handle. Monday I did my first ever 2.75 miles, without many walking breaks, I was exhilarated. I could have gone the whole 5K, was it not for the training schedule telling me that’s the distance for this week, and the fact that it would mean, a longer walk back to my car.

I have added swimming as cross-training in the weekly schedule, it’s been months since I have been in a swimming pool and it shows, as I got very tired quickly. I lacked concentration, the right strokes, my timing and breathing was horribly off. Nonetheless, it was fun engaging in a low impact training. Especially since I have been experiencing issues with my lower back. Could be chronic, but could also be the result of the high impact running.

A quick trip to, my friend, the chiropractor and I have been realigned for a while. As I left the chiropractic bed, my chiropractor had a few words of advice for me:

1.) Have a weekend of NO running, WHAT?!

2.) Keep swimming,

3.) Work on my core

4.) In not so many words…lose some weight.

This means, that I will have to redo week six on the schedule, again… since I have planned runs on Friday, Saturday and a sprinting session on Sunday…. Deep breath! Proceed!

I mean, there is no need to keep realigning my spine if I do not address the issue. Rest the spine, and move forward.

On the PLUS side, I have this amazing brother that brings me awesome gifts when he is visiting. I got my new Garmin watch, and my Sony mp3 player, I can now stop strapping my phone to my arm and get rid of those annoying dangling earphone wires. 🙂 🙂

And I got a few cool long-sleeved running shirts so that I can comfortably run at night.

BAM! Brothers are awesome!!


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