Go ahead! Do the bike thing.

 After my no-activity weekend, a follow up visit to the chiropractor on Monday reveals that I am still not ready for high-impact activities.

Verdict number 2: – NO activities for the week,

                                       – NO jumping during Carnival activities

So, while avoiding high-impact sports I turn to the thing I have been avoiding, biking. It is awesome, I totally forgot the feeling of being on a bike.  I am happy and now, I want to do it again, and again, and again. Scheduling a weekly biking and swimming hour into my training schedule, will compensate for dropping the extra days of running. Obviously my spine needs me to take it easier on myself. Hopefully, after my chiropractic visit today I will get cleared for running next week. I am staring to miss running, after years of not doing it… 😉



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