Let’s get back to the game…

Besides the doctor’s orders that I have been keeping myself to, there was some distractions these last few weeks, that kept me busy. We have been celebrating Carnival for the past 60 years on this island. And this year was again one on the biggest celebrations of the year. People fly from all over the world to indulge in the festivities, either as a spectator or as a participant. My brother flew in from SF to join the parades and dance for hours on end in the parades. Me, on the other hand… was suffering from back pain, and was on orders to be calm, be smart and behave… no Carnival dancing for 6 hours straight…

For your viewing pleasure, a small recap of what you missed…while not being on Aruba this past month…


Monday after the last parade, the doctor cleared me to continue training. Start small, with some light jogging, which I did, then it turned in to running and sprinting, but it felt good. I had no pain, and no discomfort.

My training schedule has changed and now I run 2x a week, bike 2x a week and swim once a week, which I must say is the highlight of my week, even though it leaves me completely wornout…I did a few short 5K’s on the bike to test my condition, and it’s not bad, I must work now on getting in the required miles. And back to running, I have to pick up where I left off two weeks ago. Let’s see how that goes…I’m due in 5, to go out running, wish me luck and safe roads…

À bientôt! I’m still practicing my french… reading it is quite easy, writing I find a bit more difficult….


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