It’s ok to start over…As long as you don’t quit…

It’s been done, and there is no going back. I have managed to run a 5K, in a decent time…actually it doesn’t even matter…fast, slow, slower…point is, I did it. My first 5K without any breaks… I haven’t done that in what seems to be forever….(15 years, pretty shameful).
The Running Bunch

Couple of weeks ago, I got fitted for some new gear. Got me and the hubby some awesome running kicks. The paradox of choice is what drives me crazy everytime. Luckily, there is always help when you needed. Out of the thousands many brands, types, colors, functionalities, I have managed to get one that is right for me, my feet, my built, my running style. Guess what?! They feel awesome. 🙂

Do you know what’s even greater? Enter sarcasm here: Getting the flu!! There I was, two weeks out… I tried running when I was feeling slightly better….oh no… apparently running  with a stuffed nose, leads nowhere. Swimming though, that always makes me feel better . 🙂

I’m better now, feeling recharged and ready to go round two. Adjustments have been made to my training schedule, and I’m ready to go. Starting slowly to get back in the groove and then taking it back on to full steam.

I have a goal…I will get there, even if it takes me forever.

OK, maybe not forever… but I’ll get there!


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