What’s the worst that could happen?

As you have noticed, I’ve been absent for a while. Partially, I’ve been unmotivated, lazy, and stubborn. The other part was me being on vacation. I was sleeping the past week on the beach in a tent, it’s something that my inlaws have been doing for the past 30+ years during easter week.

Not so Perfect Panorama

You know what they say right? If you cant beat them… Well I joined them and I have been doing this for the last 14 years. A long week  of suntanning, no make-up, boardgames and no phones, which is awesome!

Playing at Sunset
Playing at Sunset

I did zero sports, no training whatsoever…even though I had all my training gear with me. The farthest I got was trying really hard to get in the cold as hell ocean to do my open water swim. As you know, I fear the open water, I’m fine as long as my feet touch the ground and the water is up to my waist and there are no waves…. But you knowwww that does not happen, especially not in what we call windy season. Windy season causes slightly bigger waves, if you ask anybody else, they might say that I’m exaggerating and probably I am.

Back to the point, I was trying! Last week I swam a 750m in a pool, in about 26mins. That is another thing I have never done before, swim that much… (Remember I used to be queen of the couch)… I am once again proud of myself.  Swimming will start again this week, I am looking forward to that again.

After deciding  to start things back up, I went for a run last week. I was feeling great, until I actually started running, there was this annoying pain on my shin… 😦 guess who’s back? Yes, Mr. Shin Splints… Breath.Stop.Start.Walk.Throwafit… I haven’t had this problem for a long while… I was angry, actually more like pissed off…  As I sat in the back of my car, waiting for my running  partner to finish his run, I started to write this blog entry, which I am still writing now, 5 days later.

Why does this happen to me? Being lazy and unmotivated wasn’t enough of a drag, but shin splints? I went home, and put on my big girl panties… ok not really, I went to find my compression socks…which fixed the problem in a jiffy…And off I went, to finish my run. 🙂

New week, new start. Armed with my new training and meal plan, I look forward to my 5- and 10K at the end of May.

Wish me luck and all that good stuff!


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