Here we go again….

It’s been months since my last post. Then again, that happens when you get caught up in life and the wrapped speed that everything moves nowadays…I even forget there for a minute that I had a plan and even worse a blog to tend to…

Sitting the night away behind my lovely  LULU, (or the iMac) selecting songs for my next trip and it hits me… I might as well write… and update my blog.

First things first… I’ve been away on a few trips, family trips. Revisiting a few items on the bucket-list. Also crossed a few off too 🙂

If I can find an iceskating rink in whichever city I’m visiting I will get on the ice, take a picture and talk about it. Where I live, it is a little like hell on earth… ok, slight exaggeration on my part, but is very hot, and obviously we do not have any skating rinks anywhere near.  Beware, I will find you, and get my skate on 🙂

During the summer we took the kids to Universal Studios and Kennedy Space Center  in Florida. I must say, I loved the renovations/ upgrade done to the Space Center, with the space shuttle Atlantis being the best upgrade.

A few things to remember about Central Florida in the Summer:

  • the humidity is very VERY high,
  • hydrate a lot,
  • thunderstorms may pop up at any given time,
  • slight change of a hurricane raging by.

Going on vacation with the teenagers is exhausting, but nevertheless fun!

DSC09275 DSC09236 DSC09151 DSC09103


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