the Fasten Seatbelt sign has been turned on…

My trip to SFO begins on a Sunday with a 9 hour flight and 1 short layover in MIA. After a small upgrade at check in, to be more comfortable in cattle-class; the MIA-SFO leg is a bit longer and a little comfort (aka leg space) is MUCH appreciated, we leave the island.

Leg 1
Leg 1
Leg 2
Leg 2

A little back story:

I work as a photo- videographer for this awesome website about drag racing, The Friday and Saturday before we had one of the biggest weekends of the year, meaning of course ; long hours, lots of standing, little sleep and sunburns. The races go into the wee hours of the night morning…

My pre-flight prep goes like this:

3AM Races stopped
4AM Go home, process and upload race pictures, check-in
5AM Go to bed for a small nap…what else could you call it?
7AM Wake up, shower and catch a ride to the airport
9AM I am sound asleep as we taxi off to MIA

As usual I wake up as we land in MIA, just in time to grab a quick lunch at my favo MIA spot, Kuva and back on the plane within 1hour.
Off we go… I was sleepy… But the scenery go the best of me. We flew over the gulf of Mexico, Texas, and a few more states… The beauty of it… The ever-changing landscapes kept seducing me, as I stayed awake, snapping pictures with my NEX5.

Now, what do you get when travelling with another photog? Spoiler alert: 3000+ pix at the end of the trip.

I’ll be back next week, with part 1: San Fransisco, Sacramento and Yosemite….

Be Safe!


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