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Do we run in the rain?

Alarm! Snooze! Get out of bed! Gear on! Out the Door!

Back in the house, grab my running jacket as it seems to be unusually cold this morning… even more eerie is the degree of darkness. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s still winter and daytime comes in a bit later than usual…Maybe it’s the rain clouds that I cannot see…

It really doesn’t matter, off I go for my short warmup run… The streets are quiet, in fact so is the whole neighborhood… If it was up to me, it would stay like that all the time, during daytime my street turns into a circus-like playground with screaming kids and Tweens all over the place… Quiet moment of solitude…forget about that here…

Continuing my run… nice and quiet, breathing fresh morning air… I feel good, fresh, relaxed… this is looking to be a good morning, thus also a good day. As I get to the edge of the neighborhood, I turn around and head back. Half way going back… the wind picks up and gets chillier…. and then it hits me….water! Rain water…

I keep running as it starts to pour, I manage to find a dry corner at a neighbors house… I wait it out… And I keep running, the rain starts again… I find another house to hide at….and keep running, I’m thinking, my own house is not that far, I’ll make a run for it….

BAM!! Just like that the downpour starts, heavy heavy rain… while I’m in the middle of the street running towards my house (me and my luck)… I slightly miscalculated the distance, and the fact that it’s an uphill climb to my house…I end my run early by sprinting uphill to the refuge of my house, and a dry towel…

Next time, should I just finish my scheduled run despite the rain, or do we not run in the rain?

What’s the take on that?


Wait Zumba?


      Now, this is completely true… Unfortunately, I did feel and look like a fool in a tutu yesterday at Zumba. It was my first time ever doing this “thing”. Dancing as exercise. It was good thing though that I was not there by lonesome myself, as if I would ever go do something that foolish on my own. I have no hand-eye coordination, or feel for rhythm, so Zumba is definitely not something for me. Kudos to those that are really into it, and it works for them. For me, I’ll stick the something more hardcore that needs no hand-eye coordination or choreographed movements…

And on that note…Waking up at the unusual time of six in the morning to go for my first run this year. I’ve been on a break from all activities since late November (excluding snow sports). Now, here lies the problem challenge, I am NOT a morning person.My alarm will snooze until nine in the morning, and I will still not get up. I will look like zombie if I do, for some odd reason, wake up earlier that seven. So yeah, about that run this morning… did not happen, because I was really kidding myself that going to bed at 1:00 am, works for me.

My goal for today is to get my ass to bed by 9, maybe 10, but no later than that if I seriously want to get started early.

Lesson Learned!