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Sunset or Sunrise runs?

So, the first week of training went on by pretty smoothly,  waking up early was not really  problem anymore, given I went to bed early too. The second week however appears to be a bit troublesome… I need to wake up earlier in order to put longer distances in my training. For some reason, my own personal zoo (4cats/3 dogs) are deciding to have a dance-off/karaoke/WWIII  at my sleeping expense around 3AM, every morning….EVERY!

Up! Out of bed! Outside! Breakup Zoo party! Back to bed!….. Repeat!

Needless to say there goes my morning routine, let’s adjust the routine and take it for a sunset workout…Which I might say, is not too bad…

I do live on the island of a 1000 sunsets….all different, all the time…

2014-01-22 07.58.14

The only problem, I do have with sunset trainings, is that all the popular and the unpopular spots are always crowded…

So tell me, what’s your preference, early mornings, afternoons or it doesn’t really matter?